olive wood board - rectangle


The Olive Wood Board is the sustainable, forever plating piece we adore.

Boasting their distinct grains and earthy hues, these olive wood pieces are sourced only from protected Tunisian groves that support the planting of new trees with every harvest. 

This stunning piece is hand-carved from raw olive wood, and could be oiled with frequent use, but also oils itself over time; growing much more vivacious with age.

· Size: 10.75" x 5"

· Care Recommendations:

Washing & Drying - Hand wash with warm water and mild detergent/liquid wash. Rinse with warm water. Never soak your wooden utensils in water to avert swelling and peeling.

After washing, dry them immediately. Hang them to dry, or wipe away the moisture with a towel.

· Oiling Recommendations:

Oiling is dependent on the frequency of use. The rate at which you use them will determine how often you need to oil them. If they are used frequently, you have to oil once a week, but if you seldom use them, oiling once in two months is sufficient.

To oil, your Olive Wood utensils, apply either Olive Oil or Mineral Oil on the utensils from top to bottom and allow the oil sit on the utensils for one or two hours, after which you clean off the excess oil, and store in a cool, dry place.

Frequently oiling will keep your utensils long lasting and shiny.