Practical Magic

watermelon mojito craft cocktail


Create a refreshing, signature summertime cocktail with our Practically Magick Watermelon Mojito Craft!

Watermelon, Mint, and Limes magically merge for your own DIY cocktail mix, perfect for enjoying poolside!

Dump contents into provided glass jar, fill with your choice of spirit (water, tequila, vodka, etc.), and let sit for about 1-3 days. Shake well during process and strain before serving!

· Made in United States of America 

· Comes in a 32oz. quart size glass jar and makes approx. 12-15 drinks.

· Please note: Herbs and fruit settle during shipping - jars do not arrive full. You must fill it with alcohol. This recipe has been carefully crafted to transform an entire bottle of your favourite spirits into amazing craft cocktails!