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the extra virgin


Give the gift of a gourmet, elegant Italian dinner curated for any epicurean. This is a stunning box that will impress any chef or home cook.

Filled with...

Nicolas Vahé’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil - This exceptionally high quality 100% virgin olive comes in a stunning Provence bottle to decorate any stunning table decor.

Risotto with Mushrooms - Irresistible, delicious risotto in minutes. 

Black & White Bowtie Pasta - Beautiful squid ink pasta produced the same way for hundreds of year. This shape and structure holds sauce and creates a stunning dish.

Basil & Parmesan Pesto - Made from the very best produce from Provence. Great for a pasta dish, tapas board or marinade.

Tomato & Taggiasca Olive Bruschetta - We love this bruschetta to accompany freshly baked bread, a tapas board or as a delicious pasta sauce.

Truffle Creme - A gourmet delicacy of porcini mushrooms and white summer truffles. Spread on bread, fish, pasta or risotto.

Olive Wood Spreader - Sustainably harvested and handcrafted in Tunisia. The perfect spreader for any dip or spread.

All wrapped perfectly in our large wood Blackbird branded Gift Box

*Substitutions of equal or greater value may be made if items are out of stock.