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spaghetti western gift basket


Mangia, Mangia! with this creative Italian themed gift.  Wrapped beautifully in a wood picnic basket, with all the ingredients for a perfect Italian dinner, this gift is sure to wow even the most discerning foodie. And of course the Spaghetti Western puzzle adds just the right amount of humor and fun.

Filled with

Spaghetti Western - Hysterical 1000 piece puzzle that sets the tone for this amazing Italian themed gift. Eat some pasta and get puzzling!

Italian Cooking Book Set - Darling book set complete with stainless steel cheese grater and garlic press. The true essentials for a  gourmet Italian dinner.

Leftovers Colored Pasta - This beautiful colored Monnezza Verdure (Colored Leftovers) pasta from Donne Del Grano, is made from premium durham wheat. The amazing colors all come from natural ingredients: green spinach, golden turmeric, red paprika and beets that all combine to create a fantastic rainbow array of colors and shapes.

Black & White Bowtie Pasta - This uniquely attractive Farfalline Magia Bianca (Black and White Zebra Bowties) pasta from Donne Del Grano, is made from premium durham wheat. The black is created by adding natural squid ink to the pasta in a special process, that allows the pasta to retain its shape and not come undone during cooking - not an easy feat

Acacia Pasta Spoon - Just the right utensil to serve up the perfect pasta for a magical Italian evening

Mangia Mangia Tea Towel - Vintage, Victorian vibe tea towel with the perfect sentiment for an incredible Italian meal.

Picnic Basket - We will wrap your gift to perfection in this wood picnic basket which would be perfect to reuse for a night at the Bowl or a picnic under the stars.