modern boho box


The perfect housewarming gift for anyone with a Modern Boho Vibe!

Filled with:

Modern Bohemian Book - Create meaningful gatherings for the people you love. From a Friendsgiving dinner party to an intimate elopement or wedding, this book contains themed ideas, broken up into seasons, that are perfect for any occasion.

2 Seagrass Glasses - Great for outdoors or indoors, this set of 2 glasses comes with removable seagrass holders.

Carved Wood Tray - Beautifully carved mango wood tray for a great table setting.

Daydreamer Candle - Moodcast candle with notes of Neroli Flower, White Tea & Driftwood for a serene vibe.

Hand- Carved Salad Servers - Unique and beautiful carved mango salad servers. 

Spiritual Kindling - An all natural fire starter filled with sage, lavender, pine, rosemary, eucalyptus and seasonal herbs We love them for table decor.

Large Blackbird Branded Wood Box

... modern, boho beauty.