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meal and a spiel - how to be a badass in the kitchen


Imagine yourself feeling so confident in the kitchen that cooking was like a sensual dance. What if you could open your fridge and just whip up a succulent sauce as if you were an Italian in Tuscany or on the Riviera? What if you could feed friends and family a decadent yet healthy feast without stressing out about it and without even following a recipe?

Named after her popular LA-based business Meal and a Spiel, Elana Horwich (GoodDayLA, KCAL, KNBC, Real Simple, Huffington Post) uses her signature Jewish sense of humor to take the fear out of learning to cook. With experiences from teaching high school to performing standup comedy, Horwich, who lived for years in Italy, shares her unabashed memoir and practical wisdom to teach intuitive cooking. Horwich shows you how to have more dolce vita in your life. 

The recipes are friendly for all diets―Gluten-Free, Paleo, Vegan, Dairy-Free, Low-Sugar, or just healthy and delicious.