Among the Flowers

inner beauty kit


Add self-care to this new year's resolutions with our newest, Inner Beauty Kit.

Start off the day correctly with a Cleansing Clay, Luminescent Serum, and Hydrating Mist; hand crafted and wrapped with tons of love, this kit is also perfect as a gift!


· Earth + Petals Cleansing Clay - A detoxifying face mask or cleanser in powder form. Mix desired amount of clay with a beneficial liquid of your choice (such as rose or aloe water) to activate an exfoliating cleanser or mask made of mineral rich, silken, moroccan rhassoul clay and nutrient rich ground chamomile and lavender buds.

· 1oz Luminescent Face Serum -  A deeply moisturizing oil that leaves skin feeling soft and radiant without the greasy sheen. Each of the 6 oils in its specific quantity is a key nutrient with essential qualities for optimum skin health. Working with the natural lipid barrier of the epidermis and dermis, the nutrients of this serum are made highly absorbent.

-2oz Rose Petal Hydration Mist - A multifaceted toner, aromatherapeutic mood-booster, moisturizing, yet antibacterial blend of our favorite hibiscus infused rose hydrosol and witch hazel.

Approx Size: 6" x 6" x 4"