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"happy house" gift bag


Make someone happy with this perfect housewarming or hostess gift.  

Filled with...

House Blessings Book - A beautiful collection of interfaith prayers poems and toasts collected from 38 writers.

Spiritual Kindling Bundle - Spiritual Kindling is an all natural fire starter, an easy and eco friendly alternative to start fires without the use of harsh chemicals! Each bundle also includes one intention card to burn your intention in the world. They are also just a beautiful piece of decor for any table.

Home Candle - Yummy vanilla scented candle to make home feel even sweeter.

Jacobsen Salty Candies - The yummiest. Flavors can vary from, caramel, licorice or chocolate caramel.

Magic Rainbow Firesticks - Turn a fire into a dazzling array of rainbow flames! Great to use in a fire pit for outdoor fun, camping or just to entertain family by the fire.

Happy House Jute Tote

... Happiness