Blackbird General Store

fun by firelight


Everything one needs to make a fun night out of s'mores, fire and a cookbook to create the perfect outdoor feast. 

Filled with:

Tabletop Fireplace - Concrete portable fireplace fueled with isopropyl alcohol for a clean burn. Great indoors or out. Make s'more's, light cigars or just great for ambiance.

Feast by Firelight Book - A transporting, lushly photographed book with easy-to-prepare recipes for gatherings at campgrounds and cabins alike.

Match Cloche - Vintage-inspired hand blown, glass cloche filled with matches and fitted with a cork stopper in the bottom and has a striker on the bottle. 

Artisan S'mores Kit = This handmade artisan s'mores kit takes the s'more to the next level! Private-recipe grahams, hand crafted mallows and chocolate bars in the perfect portion for this all grow-up camping treat. 

S'mores Sticks - A bunch to roast those 'mallows to your hearts content

Blackbird Branded Wood Box

... fun in a box!