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"don't bug me" basket


For all the curious little bug lovers! This bugtastic basket is perfect for children ages 3 and up! 

Filled up high with....

Bug Catcher & Viewer - Simply pull the trigger and the spring loaded capture core opens wide. Place over a bug or small critter and release the trigger to close the habitat. When done, simply squeeze the trigger to release the bug back into nature; making it a safe way for kids to catch, study, and release insects or other little critters.  

Kid's Binoculars - What outdoor adventure would be complete without binoculars and a compass? 

Water Canteen - Colorful screw-top lid water canteen fitted with a snap on canvas cover, adjustable carrying strap, and handy pocket.

Slug Bugs - The Slug Bugs is great interactive tool to exploring and learning the movement of a rustling caterpillar.

Our Friends the Bugs - Our Friends the Bugs, inspired by a 1930s publication of the same name, is the latest in this popular series of die-cut shape books. From crickets to bees and butterflies, each two-page spread celebrates a different insect with a light-hearted and educational rhyme.   

Wrapped up perfectly in the most adorable Frog Faced Handwoven Basket with cellophane and a big bow! 

*Substitutions of equal or greater value may be made if items are out of stock.