K + M

coffee & sea salt hot chocolate


K+M Coffee + Sea Salt Hot Chocolate balances organic, fair trade coffee with rich single-estate chocolate, both enhanced by a dash of sea salt .  Chocolatiers intertwine complementary flavors to create a bean-to-cup hot chocolate with intense chocolate character and layered complexity.  

Bean-to-Cup Hot Chocolate  

Coffee | Caramel | Salt | Velvety

Made in Napa, CA.

As the first and only American-born chef to hold multiple three-star ratings from the prestigious Michelin Guide, Thomas Keller has established a reputation for excellence unparalleled in American cuisine. In Tuscany, Armando Manni has forged a similar reputation for quality by producing super-antioxidant, extra-virgin olive oil. Together, they have spent the past five years on a unique mission: crafting a chocolate from the bean unlike any we have seen before. They have collaborated with the University of Florence to develop a new methodology to preserve the naturally occurring antioxidants in the cocoa beans. This proprietary process produces delicious, complex chocolate that draws the full potential out of every bean.