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chocolate logic box


Chocolate is Salad... is the logic we used for this chocolate lover's box. Filled with an array of gourmet chocolate treats and a bowl espousing wisdom.

Filled with:

Chocolate Bowl - "Chocolate comes from cocoa. Which is a tree. That makes it a plant. Chocolate is salad." Exactly!

Red Dragon Chocolate Tin - This beautiful designer tin by Louis Sherry is filled with a dozen sumptuous chocolate truffles. These special tins are a recast of the original which is over 100 years old and make a great tin for holding anything special once the chocolate is gone. 

Salty Chocolate Caramels -  Smooth chocolate & caramel that hits all the sweet notes we love, with the bright, briny sparks of sea salt we crave - by Jacobsen.

Everything Bar - Everything you can dream of in one bite. Cake, sprinkles, marshmallows, pretzel &  rainbow sprinkles. Pure decadence and indulgence from Compartes.

3 Gold Foil Truffles - These truffles by John Kelly are an absolute fave around the shop. They are so rich and decadent and each flavor is unique and amazing. - Flavors may vary.

Small Blackbird Wood Branded Box

.... Decadence