makana candle

Bring instant warmth to any space with a gorgeous, hand-poured Makana candle, made from clean, simple ingredients like soy wax, essential oils, lead-free cotton wick, and recycled glass casing! 

Candles are produced in small batches and poured in-house for only the greatest quality. 

  • Burns for approximately 60 hours. 

Which scent are you?

Mango Papaya - A playful mingling of summer fruits softened by sweet cream and grounded with sandalwood. 

Amber Tarragon - Resinous amber and sensuous woods sweetened by vanilla, unveiling a heart of fresh tarragon, tuberose and basil.  

Sea Salt - Traveling across thousands of miles, tropical trade winds carry notes of fresh sea salt with hints of lush island foliage and flora. Reminiscent of warm, breezy coastal days when beyond the horizon, the sky magically meets the sea.

Grapefruit Lychee - Citrus grapefruit, pomelo and yuzu, accented by notes of lychee and lilikoi, sweetened with a base of vanilla sugar.

Coastal Cypress - Lush and verdant California coastline capturing the scent of salty, ocean air with conifer trees, and grounded by earthy peppergrass.

Neroli Blossom - Beautiful citrus floral fragrance of orange blossom, clementine and neroli reminiscent of lush orange groves.

Acacia Sandalwood - A composition of sultry sandalwood, oud and acacia, ever so softened by warmed vanilla and tonka. 

Balsam & Cider - A mingling of fir needle, balsam and spruce with hints of citrus and smoky woods. A cozy, sultry blend reminiscent of festive, chilly evenings by the fire.

Rosewater - A soft garden rose fragrance with a citrus undertone. Notes of geranium and violet are revealed, while vetiver and rosewood lightly ground this beautiful scent.