hanging marrakech soap

The Hanging Marrakech soap works as both a luxurious lather, and an uplifting aromatic, as the scent floats through your bathroom to create a calming atmosphere. 

Hang anywhere in your bathroom or shower for a decorative touch, to cleanse and for instant relaxation. 

  • Wild Geranium: Exalted by ancient Egyptian medicine, Geranium oil promotes beautiful, radiant skin, while dispelling any stress or negativity. This healing bar uplifts your mood with its sweet, floral scent, and soft, soothing texture.
  • Charcoal: In this earthy, purifying bar, activated charcoal creates a luxurious lather, drawing out any toxins and leaving your skin spotless and fully-cleansed to ensure a flawless complexion.
  • Eucalyptus: This refreshing bar of soap is infused with Eucalyptus oil, which cleanses your pores and purifies your skin, while soothing sore muscles and relieving headaches. Its intense azure shade will be sure to brighten your morning routine.
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