Boheme Fragrances

goa candle


The Bohéme muse captures stories from every corner of the world, her journey always guided by her open heart and free spirit. 

When the Bohéme craves true replenishment, they rediscover themselves in the unique Portuguese-Indian spirit of relaxation known as Susegad. 

As the sun sets to the sound of revelers, a cool breeze tinged with bonfire smoke and patchouli drifts past. They laugh in delight. 

This is where they are meant to be.

  • Fragrance Notes:

Top: sparkling citrus 

Middle: nag champa, rose Base: sandalwood, patchouli, incense, clove, white musk 

Base: sandalwood, patchouli, incense, clove, white musk

  • Material: 100% all-natural vegan wax
  • 50-hour burn time, 8.5oz / 240g
  • Made in United States
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